niiio – the new feel of money:

Safe and worry-free. Free and flexible. Relaxed and easy.

Does it seem like saving, planning and investing are become more difficult? Not with niiio.

niiio is for anyone who finally wants to take their financial future into their own hands and invest their money intelligently. niiio is for everyone – for large and small investments. niiio is for you!

Our goal is to help you increase your wealth using a new online solution that is available any time on any device. It’s simple, professional, easy to use and, above all, secure. Nothing more and nothing less.

Personal freedom through financial independence – easier than ever!

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3 easy steps to opening a niiio portfolio

How does niiio work?

We’ve created an investment tool that makes sound calculations on the basis of the latest research – so you no longer need to do the calculations yourself.

niiio offers 3 clear investment strategies for wealth accumulation. Save and provide for your retirement? Play it safe? Or make your own personal investments? We’ll figure out the right strategy for you with the help of a short and precise test. The 3 strategies work according to different weightings – depending on the type of investor you are and your personal risk profile.

The special thing about niiio is that it invests completely automatically in a portfolio of so-called ETFs. ETFs, or exchange traded funds, are traded index funds that combine the good aspects of shares and funds. They directly reflect the value development of an index and enable broad diversification of your investment. niiio will find the best ETFs to suit your needs.

niiio – your personal financial advisor and investment assistant

niiio – the advantages at a glance:

Maximum investment success with minimal risk – achieving this really depends on 3 factors: security selection, investment distribution and timing. And that’s precisely what niiio delivers for you – it’s mathematically sound, rule-based and completely automatic.

Not all ETFs are the same. niiio uses only selected index funds that reflect real shares of companies through “physical replication”. The result? No artificial derivatives, no unnecessary risks.

We give your investments wings. niiio not only helps you filter securities that fit your needs, it also offers you the option to manage your portfolio in autopilot mode.

Would you like more freedom to enjoy the important and beautiful sides of life? niiio can help. Evaluation, selection and implementation: We can take care of all of it for you.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, on your smartphone, tablet or computer, niiio is always working in the background with its complex mathematical algorithms. You have it easy but are still in control. niiio guarantees state-of-the-art intuitive operation.

Spread across the globe and securely stored – in your personal niiio portfolio

Your investment is absolutely secure with us. Your incoming and outgoing payments are processed exclusively through your own reference account. Nobody other than you has access to your money. Not niiio and not any third parties. Not ever.

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